"Led To The Grave isn't a old school Bay Area thrash band, the band combines thrash metal with death metal elements" -Claudia Ehrhardt

"The bottom line is, if you're looking for something simple, old school and to the point, check these guys out. Sent to Burn is a solid effort and should be heard."Lior "Steinmetal" Stein

"Sent to Burn has some phenomenal material on it that Thrash enthusiasts will love"   "Evil metal, two-stepping, rhaspy sinister vocals, speed and intensity, gang chants, all the traditional aspects of the style are present and done to near perfection" - Apochs Metal Review

" packed with tremolo-picked riffs that could have easily been plucked from a late 90′s Norwegian black metal album.  There is an underlying death metal influence found throughout the album as well, seen primarily in the deeply growled vocals and the occasional technical death metal-inspired riff"- Robert Otto

"excellent band who know how to play and compose and you should give them a chance because at least in this "Sent to Burn", have earned that right with five very good themes"-
Sergio Fernández


Decibel Issue [#065]

"A nice, fuzzy and low-strummed twin guitar combination and a drummer who understands the art of lightning fast drumfills and double kicks is the secret of their recipe. A song like "Portrait of Evil" is something no Slayer fan should hold a grudge against"-Pal Meentzen

"No more no less but truly sick and destructive music, called thrash metal. Hurricane guitar riffs, many tempo-changes and beastly vocals. Anything you’d need from thrash metal here is, need for bone crushing rhythm-section? You got it! And same for all aspects."-ANTICHRIST magazine issue 10 (

"No hybrid or crossover—this is straight metal. Yeah, you got your pinch-harmonics; basically you get exactly what you deserve from a band called Led to the Grave. No false advertising. No punches pulled."-Tim Emswiler (The Noise)

"I think these guys deserve a record deal"<=en

"Led To The Grave's debut is a bare-knuckled attack of heavy death thrash that leaves your ear drums bleeding from the pounding."  Nocturnal Cult Zine

 Kriti─či Yapan
"Thrash metal recommended for lovers of old things"-